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Going Green

25th Sep 2014, 8:00 AM

Going Green
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XiaoKe on 25th Sep 2014, 8:00 AM

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Exploiting your power

AS the GM you have a lot of power, you are essentially the rulebook, and sometimes it very tempting to exploit that power. We've talked about railroading before but when you are railroading to the point of pretty much bending the rules in your favor then its a little out of control... You should always try and keep your players in line so the story doesn't get too out of hand but always make sure you use your almighty GM powers responsibly otherwise you may find yourself with no players.

Next Time! Hulk is here!

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Clanjack Farlo on 25th Sep 2014, 8:31 AM

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Gotta love surprising the GM with those ever-lovin' special powers. I'm interested in seeing how you will work this one! :D

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FlamingReaperComics on 25th Sep 2014, 9:22 AM

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Can't wait for the game master to meet the Hulk.

...we worded it to make sure it was a double entendre

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Otaku on 25th Sep 2014, 11:14 AM

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In my old group we had a saying "The GM is always right... when he's playing by himself."

I always worry about players who deify the GM. Even though the final call rests with the GM, people are fallible; they can get rules wrong themselves, just like the players, and even mess up their own settings and how things are supposed to work.


I was a really, really terrible GM. >.>

Rule 0

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mistriousfrog on 25th Sep 2014, 6:04 PM

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We embrace rule 0 pretty well in my group. But there is a caveat. The GM is always right, unless the player can prove otherwise. If it is a matter of interpretation then we go with mine (the gm) but if I get a rule wrong, which, as a relatively new player (we have all been playing only about a year) mistakes happen, then if a player can present the rule to me proving I was wrong I will make a note of it and fix that in the future.

The value of Rule 0 cannot be stated enough though, not because it keeps the GM in power, but more importantly it keeps the game flowing without the players rules lawyering every single encounter.

There is only one area where I think I have arguably abused rule 0 but I think I was reasonable in doing it. I tend to play online with the group I GM so the internet resources are readuly available. My players are forbidden to look up any creatures in the monster manual during an encounter just because I feel like it destroys the integrity of the game and ruins the knowledge check to learn about a creature mechanic. A less televised reason is that it makes it harder to fiat if I have to do something untoward.
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