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Accents are hard...

21st Aug 2014, 8:00 AM

Accents are hard...
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kidra on 21st Aug 2014, 8:00 AM

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Hopefully everyone understands here that we're making fun of certain people's ignorance of other cultures and not the culture itself.

I lived in Argentina for two years, and whenever I tell that to people they assume I lived with people <a href="http://www.123rf.com/photo_8039890_a-traditional-mexican-with-a-sombrero-and-a-big-jalapeno.html">like this</a>, which wasn't the case at all.

At least where XiaoKe and I live, people aren't being racist or thinking badly of other countries/cultures, they just tend to lump different countries together if they speak the same/similar languages. But in reality, Mexican and Argentine culture, for example, are probably just as different as American and British or Australian cultures are.

Just as a brief example, people often ask if I was able to deal with eating a lot of spicy food. Well, spicy food wasn't an issue, since Argentines (at least the ones I met) rarely eat spicy food... I also never ate tortillas or beans, and rice was pretty rare. But in Peru, you're likely to eat a lot of rice.

There are a lot of other examples I could give, but I don't want to take up too much space here.

However, XiaoKe might have a few experiences of his own to share as well.

Today for story-time, tell about a time when someone robbed you, or at least tried.

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Otaku on 21st Aug 2014, 8:17 AM

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I'm actually a bit more interested in exploring your comment than telling a story about when someone robbed (or tried to rob) me (or a character I was running or someone in my group etc.)

Rather than post some long explanation, I'll try and keep it (relatively) short: when you're part of a group and compared to another group you view as distinctly different, it can be hard to acknowledge similarities. As an individual within a group, it is often easy to forget that a trait you lack actually is present or even common in that group, and in some cases you may even one day take on that characteristic, just not yet.

That last bit probably sounds really controversial, so let me give an example: me! I'm a fat guy. I used to balk at the "fat guy" stereotypes but as I grew older, they started coming true for me; a lot of the behavioral/mental stereotypes appear to have some foundation in the biology of the ordeal. People often find themselves "growing into their parents" for similar reasons; the combination of nature and nurture being given time to produce results.

Of course, this is NOT the same as meeting one member of a distinct people group and assuming that EVERYTHING about that person is representative of everyone else in that distinct people group... or worse trusting the media's portrayal (whether its supposed to be real or fictional) as being accurate. That was a gross mistake I made when I was younger, and sometimes still have to fight against today.

Kaze Koichi on 21st Aug 2014, 10:22 AM

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When I hear what is suppose to be Russian accent in Holywood movies, I facepalm: the Russians do not talk like that. Also, while I agree that almost 50% of Russians are Comunists, they do not wear red stars on their hats. And most of Russians I know prefer beer (or something else) to vodka, if they drink anything at all. I could continue this list of stereotypes, but I think I made a point clear enough.

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Disloyal Subject on 22nd Aug 2014, 1:17 AM

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Well, I was going to fanboy over/ wax eloquent on assorted South American countries and their cuisine, but it sounds much faster to comply with storytime.
I know I've recounted, on multiple occasions, the time the sole surviving bandit archer of the tower, a Level One Rogue, forced our entire party (save for the Warblade sneaking up behind him) to dump out our purses and retreat on pain of attempting to finish off our unconscious & bleeding ranger... So I guess the best I have is something that happened last night in Dark Heresy. One of our four(!) Guardsmen was asking to borrow money to move his family someplace safer - I was late, and evidently while they waited for me he had nightmares about his wife & kids from his backstory getting attacked - and, hearing talk of money, a beggar ambled over to ask if we had any spare change. Unfortunately for him, my Assassin grew up in the Underhive, and made certain assumptions about the intentions of a man who approaches at the mention of money, so she casually shot him in the heart with her cheapest ammo. (As a dedicated sniper, she has several guns and variant ammunition for each, to the point that she bought a slave to carry them all. The little girl in question is now the doted-on ward of the fireteam.) And when she finished justifying herself to her buddies & turned to check his corpse, her slave had already looted for her: an old-ish wet newspaper and a single coin. Just a beggar after all.
Then the guy who complained about me killing him asked where I planned to hide the body... Which is when the cleanup crew came in. I should mention, the ship we've booked passage on is largely run by Dark Eldar, so I wasn't surprised when a Scourge dove out of nowhere to grab the body. What was surprising was a whole flock of them converging to tear the thing apart in midair while yammering, "Mine?" Finding Nemo style. I love goofy grimdark.
...I don't think that actually was faster. Oh well.

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mistriousfrog on 25th Aug 2014, 12:20 AM

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I don't have much in the way of foreign stories, but I can do a story time thing.

Back in the first session I played with my current 4e group. My character was walking around alone in Neverwinter. Being neverwinter I was accosted by several an encounter of criminals. The GM rolled some dice and then looked kind of sullen. He told me sorry, but you are going to hve to roll up a new character, you are not getting out of this alive.

Turns out I had rolled up a gang of about 15 armed bandits and one unique NPC about twice my level and some sort of crime lord. Naturally I was a little concerned about the random table he was using even being capable of rolling such a thing, but I let it slide, after all he hadn't seen what my character could do before.

The character in question, was my telepath psion who I have mentioned a few times before. Well first action was while the guy was giving his speech about how great he was I did a psychic sending to the guards saying my location an the name of the guy in question, so in about 20 rounds I would have backup. Being completely outnumbered though, there was no way I was surviving 20 rounds of combat. initiative was rolled and somehow I won and went first. My gm told me if I take this guy out then at least I would probably be helping some of my other PCs since he was relatively important, I chose otherwise. Most of my powers are centered around making my enemies turn their weapons on themselves or their allies, so I did just that, combining ridiculous bluff and psionic powers, I managed to get this whole gang fighting each other.

Against the overwhelming odds, I didn't take a single step or make a single aggressive action, and I didn't get attacked once as this massive gang tore itself apart until the guards came and arrested everyone. That was the moment when my GM decided that all the major bodyguards for the lords of neverwinter were warforged. He didn't want to take chances with me ever again.

Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer on 25th Aug 2014, 5:08 AM

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In one particular Pathfinder game I was in, we were introducing a new party member. We entered a town and my character, having found a rare alchemical ingredient, but without the skill to harvest it properly, was looking for an alchemist. There was one problem:

This town was apparently full of superstitious pricks basically run by a church that robbed and controlled the citizens. They even had some locals doing a bit of shaking down on any travelers who looked rich enough.

The new player was the guy in charge of this group and upon spying our bag of holding filled with gold and items aplenty, he and his boys decided to make us their next targets.

What they didn't expect was for us, the party, to be kicked out of town because a spiteful chaotic neutral sorceror (me) had gotten tired of the prejudice towards magic and decided to turn a bordering forest to ashes so as to avoid actually going completely magical Rambo/Jet Li/John McClane on the townsfolk.

So as they tried ambushing us one night, they also didn't expect us the party to make our perception rolls... or, when they basically started the speech of "share the wealth by giving it all to us", for said sorceror to still be pissed that somebody had woken him up and promptly disintegrate (1 hit kill) the biggest guy in that group.

After I grumbled that my character was returning to bed, we determined that the following morning we'd free the town of the church's influence...

... a decision that led to the town to still be on fire for the next two months after I and the new guy started whipping out serious firepower. Apparently we lit something or other so so yeah... new natural wonder. I saved a couple of people while I had the time and spells, but I could say that I didn't expect it to get that out of hand.

To be honest, that particular game had my poor Aasimar giving churches more trouble than he was worth. Though I have to say I loved when the GM described the effect of me telling a local devout priest that their priceless holy artifact on display was a fake was like I'd told him that "Jesus wasn't real". After which I bought a shovel and went graverobbing at the grave of the very hero who was known for wielding the artifact.

But that's a story for another time.

Maki P on 11th Apr 2015, 6:51 PM

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If anybody cares, us Latin Americans say the same things about Mexican food as gringos; so you know, it's a Mexican Thing, not a Latinx Thing
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