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Monking Around

22nd Jul 2014, 8:00 AM

Monking Around
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XiaoKe on 22nd Jul 2014, 8:00 AM

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Sorry about the delay, I had a family emergency and spent most of the day sitting at the hospital...

Anyways, This one is a bit shorter but we are continuing to work out The Hulk's story.
Multiclassing is brought up again, I've always thought multiclassing was interesting, being able to take the best things from multiple classes and apply them to the same character? Yes please! But what I have noticed and what some people may not realize is that while, yes you do get the best of those classes, you also still get the weaknesses of those classes... So unless you are carefully building it and balancing everything out like Hulk's player is doing then you may end up with a character that is worse off... Another problem with multiclassing that I have found is deciding which class to continue with come level up time, If you choose wrong you could end up falling behind everyone else in the party...
So in short while Multiclassing does have its benefits it also has its downsides, so personally I'd only recommend it if it really fits your character or if you have a good plan all laid out.

Multiclass- choosing more than one "Class" (Or career or character type)

Next time! The adventure begins!

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DragGon7601 on 22nd Jul 2014, 10:11 AM

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I bet he took "Superior Unarmed Strike" and "Snap Kick" from "Tomb of Battle" to give him self Monk like Unarmed ability's... Superior Unarmed strike gives a unarmed damage progression like the monks but weaker and Snap Kick is like flurry of blows. Tomb of battle is being updated/upgraded/reworked/rebalanced for pathfinder by Dreamscarred Press under the name of Path of War. It has a "Superior Unarmed Strike" feat in the form of "Greater Unarmed Strike" but nothing to replace flurry. It also has a Discipline that focus's on unarmed attacks (Broken Blade) that a person trying to make the Hulk may want to look at. And it has Ricochet Weapon, a feat anyone looking to make capt A should look at... Along with Iron Tortoise.

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Clanjack Farlo on 22nd Jul 2014, 10:42 AM

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Take a multiclass rogue feat to get backstab (2d6 extra damage with combat advantage) and you're set for life.
Multiclassing is a challenge. But it seems like the Hulk's got it down. XD

SeriousBiz on 22nd Jul 2014, 12:23 PM

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I'm really bad at optimizing my builds. I have a tendency to multiclass for no other reason than "it fits the character concept!"

I once played a bard with a fairly complex family history and personal backstory. Her dead mother was a legacy character of sorts, a powerful sorceress who died unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances. The DM liked the history of my character so much that he tied it into the main storyline. After some serious character development, it was dramatically inevitable that my bard would start manifesting the stunning spellcasting abilities inherited from her mother.

So, I multiclassed into a lvl 1 sorcerer after four bard levels. Maybe not an optimal choice, but dammit, it fit the concept, so shut up.

Of course, it didn't hurt that her charisma score was through the roof.

Cheesing up the Bard

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Disloyal Subject on 24th Jul 2014, 1:15 PM

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The Sublime Chord prestige class is made for that concept, actually - a Bard who trades out advancing their bardic abilities to start practicing sorcery. And if you combine it with Virtuoso, then you can evade most of the tradeaways you'd have made, and get a character with a high-level Sorcerer's 4th-9th level spells and a mid level Bard's bardic music and 1st to 4th level spells: best of both worlds - a Sorcerer's blasting ability and a Bard's utility spells like Glibness, and, if you take Virtuoso advancing Sublime Chord, you retain your bardic music.
Can't take credit for the build; got it from the comments here: http://grandline3point5.thecomicseries.com/comics/556

Kaze Koichi on 22nd Jul 2014, 3:32 PM

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Damn! Before you stated it, I never paid attention to Hulk fighting unarmed, so the thought of multiclassing as monk never crossed my mind.
In my defence, Hulk never shown any martial arts ability. He was just "Hulk smash" and things.

Pushing it....

Silenc on 23rd Jul 2014, 1:04 AM

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So I guess, he is not the power gamer of this game...
Does anyone really consider three classes "pushing it"? My current char has 5 and my last had 7, i think... But hey, what can you do, once you've taken all 5 levels of both your 5-level prestige classes?

Guest on 23rd Jul 2014, 9:17 PM

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Prestige classes are different. It's like reaching level 20 of a base class but the game still going and you still getting XP. I doubt these guys are level 20, so multiclassing into more than a couple of base classes can hurt like hell for your character ability.

But if you only need 7 or 10 levels of rogue and then you take prestige after prestige class afterward... that's just specializing.

Pushing it 2

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zombi3DS on 23rd Jul 2014, 9:25 PM

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It does kind of depend on the game.

I believe that D&D 3.0/3.5 there was a lot of multiclassing because you had levels where you gained nothing excepting spellcasting (which some other classes would increase anyway).

Whereas in Pathfinder there is little reason to as you get new stuff almost every level until you hit twenty then you get the really cool stuff (Good old Caveliers*). Unless you are a wizard who gets stuff less often but they get spellcasting every level so yeah.

The one time we have had multiclassing in my PF group was when we had a player who discovered psionic knack, magical knack traits, the scholarly discipline feat and the cerebremancer prestige class if he ever reached level twenty he will throw down powers and spells as a Psion 19/Wizard 19.

*with their 24d6+15 charge attacks average damage 99 that then gets multiplied by 3 so damage at just average rolls of 3.5 per die will do 297 damage and that is not adding in power attack just a +5 impact lance and a strength of a mere 24. I think my friend and I did the math and the damage is 36d6 (3d6 lance x 3 for spirited charge x 4 for greater vital strike [an extra 12 d6s just from having someone cast enlarge person on you Impact= 1d8->2d6 Enlarge Person= 2d6->3d6]) +35 (+5 from weapon bonus, +15 from a strength of 30 [+5 manual of Gainful Exercise, +5 for the +1 to a stat for each 4 levels accumulated +6 for Belt of Giant Strength, +2 from enlarge person and a base of 12] +15 from power attack)

Damage equals 36d6+35 or a range of (mini-avg-max) 71-161-301 before tripling so 213-483-753

The attack bonus is 20+10+2+5-5+2 or +34

Balors have 36 for a AC so you have a 90% chance of hitting that with 370 hp

Pit Fiends have a 38 so 80% and has 350 hp

The Tarrasque has 40 so 70% with 525 hp

One of these days I wanna make a Cavelier and ride into hell and have the dm go "yeah your surrounded and here comes a Asmodeus" 'I charge attack' "Okay roll attack" '20' (or 19 since what dummy doesn't have keen on their main weapon) "Roll to confirm" '10 or so' "Okay you critted roll damage" 'I need everyone's dice' "oh yeah how many d6s" '108'

108d6 damage range = 108-378-648
+35= 143-413-683
*3= 429-1239-2049

And then as I get brought down eventually I'll whisper 'This is why you don't multiclass in Pathfinder b****'

Sorry for the rambling it is like 12 my time and I have been up since six yesterday and this just kind of got away from me. I'm going to go to bed now and then tomorrow I will look at this post and weep at my 7 hours of sleep in the last 72 hours self.
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