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I think I'm experiencing Deja vu...

14th Jul 2014, 8:00 AM

I think I'm experiencing Deja vu...
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kidra on 14th Jul 2014, 8:00 AM

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Recycling characters! Is that even allowed?

Recycling a character can happen for a few reasons. Sometimes you may just not have time, maybe you didn't get to play with the character as much as you would have, or maybe you're GMing something and didn't want to make an NPC. There's tons of reasons.

Have you ever recycled a character? If so, why? What happened?

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Forever the Storyteller on 15th Jul 2014, 2:21 AM

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I've always recycled character sheets (or sometimes just the concepts) when I need to make a chronicle for World of Darkness. It makes it WAY easier to get a game running at short notice.

Though admittedly, I have only around 20 sheets to use for NPCs.

One storyteller I know once had over 200 sheets for pure werewolf games until his hard drive died. So many of his unique spirits of various ranks and concepts were lost. In fact, he made a sheet for anyone he deemed important enough to give a name to.

Talk about dedication.

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mistriousfrog on 15th Jul 2014, 4:24 AM

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my current character in my 4e group is a recycled NPC from the 3.5 campaign I GM with another group. I had never played 4e before so this was equal parts, easier to just transfer a character than make a new one, and equal parts, I loved the character and didn't get to use her enough.

Difference between 4e and 3.5 was enough that they were a completely different build though. In 3.5 Rias was an Elan telepath psion who used almost exclusively mind affecting abilities to dominate and control everyone around.

4e she was a Tiefling wit elan blood, still a telepath psion but because you don't get te domination and control powers until very high level, she was more of a debuffer than a puppetmaster.

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DragonTrainer on 15th Jul 2014, 8:34 AM

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ShadowRun fourth edition. I had an archery character named Arsenal, who was essentially based off of the DC character of the same name. He had really high Perception, could sneak around, and was really good (and surprisingly versatile) with the Long Bow. Everyone in the group kept calling him "Batman", though. Another member of the group was a battle mage named "Merlyn", who was basically nicknamed "Murder Hobo". He likes to wear a Zebra mask while doing the Superman pose... just cause.

Anyways, the GM decided to start up a new session in which everyone played as LoneStar officers. After a while, the guy who played the Murder Hobo wanted to play his old character again. Unfortunately, the career karma we racked up as Batman and Murder Hobo would have made them wayy too strong for the current campaign. The GM agreed to allow Murder Hobo to be recreated, but only if he rolled up almost everything on a custom random table (gender/race/backstory/siblings/etc...) that the GM created.

Suffice to say... Murder Hobo is now a Hermaphroditic Cat Girl. Oh... Arsenal was also recreated using that same custom random table. He's now a Lesbian Dryad with M-Cup breasts.

By the way, I have the whole recreation process recorded on Youtube. (Warning: Audio NSFW)

Kaze Koichi on 15th Jul 2014, 9:16 AM

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That's still better then how Arsenal was rebooted in New 52.

Kaze Koichi on 15th Jul 2014, 9:13 AM

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I have one special cause of recycling a character: I took my old character from Maid the RPG and recycled her into... GURPS. I mostly kept backstory unchanged plus added whatever happened during that Maid game into backstory. Also aged her a bit.

So, she is 300-years old Japanese werefox. Her family was killed by the hunters with dogs when she was a child, giving her a phobia of dogs. She was adopted and raised by shinto priest. She became a religious type by talking to god (literally) every day.

The shinto shrine required money for repairs, so she started working in the mansion ruled by some unlucky everdude that was turned into a girl because the mansion could be inherited only by women. In the maision the fox failed every single maid work (because of a streak of unlucky rolls), and was afraid of vacuum cleaners. The master gave her a demon phone as a present, then she was lured into "maximum fun room" (a.k.a. torture chamber) by sucubi and was seduced there.

And now by order of the gods she went IN SPACE! to battle aliens and eldrish abominations. That one I'm still playing.


3 binders and counting

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Disloyal Subject on 16th Jul 2014, 1:21 PM

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Yeah, some RPGs can get weird... and Maid takes the cake.
I create loads of characters, but I still recycle sometimes, especially if I'm in a hurry or lacking inspiration. When I joined a Pony Tales game with the premise that we're evil extradimensional fiends trying to subtly corrupt Equestria, I wound up adapting a character I made in 3.5 as an exercise in understanding the Fiendish Brute homebrew class and later wrote a few stories about. It worked surprisingly well. I also tend to use concepts I came up with as nifty PCs or adventuring parties to flesh out the world when I DM... One such party had the gimmick that they were all Small-sized humanoids usually treated as XP fodder - a Goblin cleric, a Kobold ninja, and a Dromite wilder make an interesting team. Only a handful of my NPCs are designed with that role in mind.

Guest on 17th Jul 2014, 5:29 AM

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I generally have a few characters I cycle through, tweaking their backstories a bit to suit the game, mostly because I dont want to think of a new name at the time.
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