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Paths of fate

9th Nov 2015, 1:12 PM

Paths of fate
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kidra on 9th Nov 2015, 1:12 PM

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So one of the crazy things going on in my life is that I've been working to get my major changed,and I'm now in a completely different major than I had planned on when starting college, or even a lot of different points.

A lot of characters of mine have ended up that way too. My first real RPG character was based on Captain America, but ended up dual-wielding two rapiers and a spell-like ability to grow to large sized. How have your characters changed over time? (have we already had this discussion? it feels a little familiar but I'm not sure...)

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Disloyal Subject on 9th Nov 2015, 6:45 PM

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It's been less of a gradual process than a complete flip by the end of the first session, but so far most of my 40K characters intended to be calm professionals have ended up as screaming killers, and vice versa. The only exception is my rugged bounty hunter, who is as professional and Emperor-fearing a citizen as a competent Inquisitorial agent can be.

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Otaku on 10th Nov 2015, 9:30 AM

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For a Star Wars RPG I created a Gamorrean pirate and the GM - being far too generous - allowed me to actually have an astromech droid since my ship needed one anyway (iirc, Gamorreans and droids do not mix). Even though it should have been out of character, we were all softies and really liked "my droid".

Eventually the GM decided to allow us secondary characters and the droid became mine... even though we'd long since upgraded it either by transferring its core into a larger (10 foot tall vaguely humanoid) combat ready body, or else figured out how to alter said body so that the astromech could plug in (been a while, don't remember).

Then Beast Machines happened and while that series has some real issues *coughbotanicacough* it gave the GM and most players a hankering for Transformers. First it got an upgrade so that it had a Tankor-esque build, including transforming into a tank. Then a strange body based on the Dragon form of Beast Wars Megatron (wings turned into some sort of ornate battle axes - if the GM offers, you accept it! ;) ).

HaruNoHikaru on 10th Nov 2015, 7:02 PM

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So, my first superhero started off as a "Black Cat/Bad Luck" themed superhero only a good guy because she doesnt want to be tossed in jail for doing awesome things. She instead ended up a shadow-powered power thief, who was pretty much the only person on the team who seemed to give a dang about superheroing. She was also intended to be mirrored by another player's character, in a yin yang thing, with the other character being light based. That fell quickly because the player in question didnt really care about the game.

Not Entirely Unintended...

Sirkman on 11th Nov 2015, 8:23 PM

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Well, in a game which, sadly, ended up fizzling out a few years back, I had two characters that ended up fulfilling somewhat different roles than I had intended for them. We were playing in a loose cyberpunk-y scifi setting, in a fairly far future earth; lets just say, that most of the colonies on Mars were established within our characters lifetimes. We were using the New World of Darkness rules, but only as much as we were using rules, and it was pretty much anything goes as far as it made some sense; characters included two popsicled corporate experiments who used to be in the corporate army, and an Indian-American journalist who was murdered a few sessions in, and revealed to be a soul with a history of blood and violence forced to incarnate as whatever being next killed him.

My first character, since I was feeling a bit jazzy, was a tux-wearing, shadow manipulating vampire thief, who promptly got in a fight with the experimental duo. I intended him to be nostalgic for the far past, classy, unpredictably violent, and, most of all, cool. Instead, he ended up more...dead.

Taking some time to rethink my approach to the game, and with greater understanding of my new Storyteller, eventually the group made its way to the aforesaid Mars colonies, fleeing the plague of zombie clones of one of the characters experimented on currently destroying earth. Turned out Mars wasn't in great shape either; some zombies had gotten loose there as well, and, more importantly, loss of contact with earth had left the colonies in dire straits. Some settlements were holding on, and one in particular had formed a bastion of order amidst chaos, thanks in no small part to my new character, Norman the Accountant.

Norman was keeping track of pretty much all the information and organization of this survivor settlement, using the keen eye for detail, head for numbers, and facility with book-keeping software he had perfected working for a number of criminal organizations and mercenary companies. And, since i wanted him to be able to defend himself if necessary, I figured I would throw in some skill with firearms from practicing with his clients, maybe make him a little of a casual gun nut.

Well, one trip to an orbital facility near Deimos with the party and twenty-five space marines, then boarding a giant silver sphere which took us through a silver disc on the edge of our solar system and deposited us, gifting us whatever we thought we might need, on a D&D world from part of the group's previous campaign later, Norman ended up mostly acting as the group's sniper, and partial commander of the space marines.
Sure, he ended up using his sweet magic-spaceship-gifted omni-computer to revolutionize the economy of the kingdom we were in the process of taking control of, and invented insurance, insurance fraud, and protection rackets on the world, but mostly he just shot people in the head.

Humbled before nature

that one guy on 13th Nov 2015, 1:12 AM

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I had this eunuch monk who was also a vegetarian find a key to another dimension that had a single book in it, and if you asked the book a question it would give you all the possible answers. So as you can Imagine the party got into a tough spot where we were trapped and none of us had the ability to get out, so I used the magic key and asked the book how I could gain enough power to get us out, one the options was to become a warlock. so my character changed from a level five celibate monk to a level seven womanizing warlock. quite the change...

Jarimor on 13th Nov 2015, 4:16 AM

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My first Necessary Evil character was intended to be a duel pistol wielding bad-ass.

he ended up being able to punch out that universe's super man in close combat, doing d12+16d6+14 damage from one of his TWO punches/ Kinfe blades.

and able to take a nuke to the face, but that is a different thing altogether.

so from guns to blades; he became a bastardized butt-baby of spider man and doomsday.

Kaze Koichi on 15th Nov 2015, 4:16 AM

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I once rolled a doctor for a space exploration game. His name was Professor McCoy (yes, first name was Professor) and he was suppose to be cool old dude with a cane and a case of hyposprays.
What I didn't expect was that I'll need to play him in Warhammer 40k game. You can imagine what insanity that led to.

P.S. Are we finished with Stark yet? Is it time to meet kidra's favourite captain Shieldbro?

Messiah creep.

Keirgo on 15th Nov 2015, 4:17 AM

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For a long time my friends and I have been playing 'Bleach of the Gods', a Weapons of the Gods game set in the Bleach universe. We were all playing Shinigami fresh out of the academy and I had decided to go for something fairly light hearted. Sagara started out as a beleaguered servant to one of the other PCs, eager to prove himself, a neat freak, and insomniac who couldn't remember anyone's name. His only intended serious edge was that he was an orphan who wanted to become an officer so he could raise a family in security. This was mostly intended as 'hidden depths' than anything else.

Fastforward down the line and Sagara has become the defacto leader of the group and is fighting God tier opponents and is seen as a threat to the order of multiple villains. See, he kinda, sorta fell in love with an Arrancar, and began questioning the nature of Hollows. As such his 'I want to help people' thing began to extend to every type of being in all the worlds. The HollowKing even had an assasin assigned to the group to spy on him 'just in case'.

This led to a lot of his goofier elements being downplayed in favour of his more heroic, compassionate ones. Still, it was an evolution I was very happy with.

Pizza on 11th Aug 2017, 9:00 AM

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I recently ran a game where the player originally wanted to be a crime-fighter but ended up becoming a superpowered fugitive criminal.
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