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Finally, Combat!

8th May 2014, 6:00 AM

Finally, Combat!
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XiaoKe on 8th May 2014, 6:00 AM

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Behold Combat!

It is finally here the big Frost Giant Battle!
This one was REALLY hard to pull off because I found when you freeze frame this part of the movie everything is blurry... But luckily with the added speech bubbles I think it turned out all right!
We also are starting to see just how OP Thor is (Or is it just really good luck?) Its battles like this that really disappoint GMs because you spent all this time preparing all these enemies for an encounter and then your players go and take them down like they were nothing... This is when you should beware the wrath of the GM because you never know what they might do if they find you are taking down the encounters too easily.

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Up Next! Mo' Combat!

Great Cleave- this is a Feat or a move that you can take that basically enables you to continually attack enemies until you miss

Dual-Wield- A feat or move you can take that allows you to attack with 2 different weapons

Feint- Kind of like a Bluff in battle if you succeed it lowers the defense of the enemy kind of like catching it off guard

Flat-footed- If you are flat-footed it basically means your defense is lowered and so the attacker can hit you easier

Crit Range- A critical hit is basically the best thing you can do in an RPG and a Crit range is basically how easy it is for you to pull it off a 20 is an automatic critical and normal Crit Ranges are usually 19-20 so 18 being in your Crit Range is kind of awesome

Force Dagger- A spell that casts a dagger made of energy at your opponent

Sunder- Breaking stuff like shields or armor

Initiative- The roll that decides who goes first

OP- stands for Over Powered

GM- The almighty ruler of this magical game


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kidra on 8th May 2014, 9:09 AM

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Poor Volstagg. I think we've all had runs of rolling low on initiative.

However, I once had a level 1 fighter who had a +10 on initiative. I don't think he ever went last.

What experiences have you had with initiative, good or bad?

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SeriousBiz on 9th May 2014, 5:33 AM

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Due to some weird twist of fate, I always seem to screw up initiative, or else others just roll ridiculously well. My latest character (a tiefling bard) gets decent attack rolls, great rolls on skill checks, basically above average on almost all rolls.

Except initiative. I regret giving her Improved Initiative, since it doesn't do anything except prevent her from going last. Sometimes, even that fails.

So yeah, initiative is not my favorite roll. A particularly sore spot for me is one rare occasion when I actually rolled really high once and got to go first, but my ranger was pretty far away from the others (I had made him go search for tracks near a destroyed caravan we were investigating). He had to use his whole turn to run up to the battle, essentially wasting the advantage. If only I had made him an archer instead of a two-weapon fighter...

I hate initiative

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XiaoKe on 11th May 2014, 9:43 PM

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I feel you there dude, it never fails, I almost always consistently roll poorly on initiative... there is that once in a blue moon where I roll well but then the rest of the party and the monsters roll ridiculously high... seriously though what is up with initiative?

Disloyal Subject on 29th May 2014, 11:50 PM

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Nothing special to say about initiative - I'm pretty average there, the occasional Nat20 withstanding - but regarding encounters getting mowed down, I like to have something up my sleeve to raise the difficulty, like an invisible rogue/cleric to heal the mooks. Sort of a Schrödinger's Adversary - its existence is determined by the need for it. Luckily, my players seldom do THAT well in combat, so the trick doesn't get used often enough for them to expect it. I DO let them have their cake and eat it too, sometimes, but there are others when, for drama's sake, I cannot allow a curbstomp.

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XiaoKe on 2nd Jun 2014, 1:36 PM

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Yeah, I cant say ive seen it happen very often when the players just start wiping the floor with the enemies but what ive learned is it is always a good plan to have a plan B "Just in case"
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