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Keeping it Friendly

6th Nov 2014, 8:09 AM

Keeping it Friendly
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kidra on 6th Nov 2014, 8:09 AM

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Cohorts, at least in Pathfinder, are very easy to get, and could be considered overpowered. One feat gives you another character that's just two levels lower than what you currently are. We've actually only had one person in a campaign have a cohort, but I as a GM didn't make the dynamic what it should have been.

What's your best story about a cohort or even an NPC you made friends with?

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t0rm3n7 on 6th Nov 2014, 9:04 AM

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In one of my D&D groups, our Fighter took Leadership so that he could have a veritable army of followers and have them run his chain of bakeries. The GM introduced us to his cohort in the middle of a battle, and the Fighter refused to believe that the guy was his cohort. This went on over many weeks, and he finally started to accept that this guy might actually be his cohort. In the same session that the Fighter started to accept his cohort, the GM had this "cohort" try to assassinate the Fighter, only to be foiled by the enemy that we had been tracking and fighting over the last few weeks. As it turned out, that enemy we had almost killed, repeatedly, was the true cohort for our Fighter. And thus ends the story of how my group never trusts that GM anymore.

Billy the Flame Atronach

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Disloyal Subject on 6th Nov 2014, 10:46 AM

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Last Friday, we befriended a fire elemental, and he joined us.
The elemental had been hired by "the Mistress" of the Brimstone Isles (we fell down one heck of a literal rabbit hole) to guard a door, and while we ignored or politely acknowledged him on our way by, when we came back with the solution to the door's puzzle lock he drew his sword and told us to cease and desist when I attempted to open the door. He advanced, and we had to roll initiative... I, our Ranger and the closest thing to a frontline fighter we had, won init and took the first full defense of the entire campaign while rolling against Charisma to see of my "can't we all just get along" speech worked. My dump stat failed me, but the Druid went next, and talked him out of fighting. She then kept him talking, explaining when he asked that we'd gotten here through a door. "Well, of course you did! You might as well say you were born from a pool of magma; we all were!"
Explaining otherwise blew the guy's mind, and eventually segued into a birds-and-the-bees lecture that utterly fascinated the guy while prompting the slightly embarrassed male characters, my own included, to sneak past and check behind the door while he was distracted. (It was a portal to a plane the party had encountered before I joined. They call it Treehalla.) We closed up, leaving no trace, and regrouped before he noticed we were gone. By now, we were explaining the existence of water to him. After they commandeered one of my waterskins to show him, he touched it against their advice, and after overcoming his horror, decided he wanted to visit this strange world we'd come from. When we met her, the Mistress gave him leave, since she'd sensed that we snuck past him anyway and figured she could get a better guard.
When we returned to our plane, we found ourselves with a sidekick literally made of fire in a boarded-up wooden building in the middle of a slightly xenophobic city. But that's a story for another time.

The second Cohort

Silenc on 7th Nov 2014, 5:11 AM

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One of my players took the Leadership feat in D&D. With his cohort, the group became quite overpowering and since we also have one PC with an animal companion, one round tends to drag on. By now I'm not afraid of pitting them against a dragon 2 or 3 levels higher.

However, now at level 12, he gets another cohort, which he decided should be more fun and not do combat.
He designed a warlock, that only spoke draconic, but could not be understood, because of a terrible accent.
... and it was a dog. A sentient one (awakerning spell) but a dog, nevertheless.

It was sent to hin, by his half-mad experimentig grandfather... It's called three. Noone knows, what happened to one and two....
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